Equine Program

M.A.E.R.A’s horse program component is dedicated to helping and working with horses and integrating them into our other programs. Our horses come to us from a variety of different places such as lack of owner’s ability to care for them, folks just looking for a new horse, businesses no longer using the horses, and even prevention of sound, healthy and young horses to slaughter unnecessarily.

We are always in need of support.
Support a horse, save a life!

Each horse that comes into our program is thoroughly evaluated for a minimum of 30 days and then integrated in our other programs.  Whether the horse goes into a lesson program, used for equine therapy, or even our camps and wilderness trail rides and classes, they all get used fully.  Through this time if necessary, the horses have any holes figured out, and worked on.  Eventually all the horses through M.A.E.R.A. go for sale  if the horse is approved.   Each horse comes with an amazing exchange option for the life the new owner has the horse.  We transfer full ownership of the horse to the new owner.
The question has come up recently about our specific role when saving horses and how it is the same or different than other “rescues”. The answer is we do have similarities to rescues because we are dedicated to saving horses in need, though have many differences as well. We do save horses. This is the baseline of M.A.E.R.A. We are different because:

1) We don’t hold ownership over any horse, when you get a horse from us, it is your horse and you can use it fully in any way you like from showing to traveling to more.

2) we do not require you to return the horse if you cant keep it, though we welcome it, and offer returns, exchanges as an option for you if the horse doesn’t work out, or if in the future you are looking for a different horse example: your riding has improved, children don’t need a pony etc,

3) we use all our horses for M.A.E.R.A’s other programming and then sell them to loving individuals,

4) we are not a retirement center,

5) due to the number of healthy young horses without homes, going to slaughter unnecessarily etc we do not take chronic issues, elderly horses, unsound horses etc.

Because of our policies and the people that know who we are, our success rate is higher than most rescues. Our horses are used all over the country and have done amazing things!!! From ranch horses working for a living, to show horses to more!!!

We do specialize in finding these horses homes that fit the horses needs, strengths and personalities where the new owners and the horses fit well together. We not only work with these horses and get these horses to loving homes, we also provide educational classes and other services with the horses. M.A.E.R.A. has many different programs available and each and every program involves the horses in some fashion.

We currently have space for 20 horses in our program and are always looking for additional property to help these horses in need. We have many amazing horses as well up for sale! We also offer horsemanship classes, riding lessons and more!!!